Friday, December 14, 2007

ZZZRRRPPP. (Sound of a phonograph needle scratching across a record.)

We’re on our way…a-gain. 100 miles into our trip we developed a fuel leak. Turned out to be a corroded fuel tank and we ended up leaving the boat at Island Cove Marina near Chattanooga for repairs. They actually had to cut out the old tank and replace it with a couple of new ones. Labor intensive deal? Yes. Expensive? Yes. Over with and done? YES!

Meanwhile, Wayne, Lucy and I went on down to the AGLCA meeting and then traveled around Florida and the East Coast for three weeks before going home for the Thanksgiving holiday. The boat was ready for us on December 7 and we took a few days to restock and organize before leaving Wednesday, December 12.

We’re glad to be back on the Loop and will update the blog on down stream.

I’ll end this entry with the blessing my sister, Nadine, wrote for SEGUE. We’ve had our first lesson in improvisation!


Wikipedia includes the following concerning segue:

“In music, segue is a direction to the performer. It means continue (the next section) without a pause. For written music it therefore implies a transition from one section to the next without any break. In improvisation it is often used for transitions created as a part of the performance, leading from one area to another. These transitions often require a seamless change of the music’s time signature.”

I found this definition interesting—especially the part about improvisation often requiring a seamless change in the time signature. Changing a time signature in music is often well thought out by the composer to change the mood, tempo or beat of the piece. Improv, however, requires a seamless, dynamic transition from section to section. The map or travel plan of the performer is often appearing as it is being done—sometimes so dynamic that it is difficult to recreate the transitions later. It is hard to say your Great Loop adventure can be described as improvisation. The amount of time you have spent in preparation and planning is impressive; but I do like to think that everyday will be spontaneous and hold new treasures.

All that to say:

May you and Segue be fit and ready for the adventure ahead.

May the engines hum and the electronics be on their best behavior.

May you face each morning with excitement and anticipation.

May your course be true and your waters calm.

May Lucy embrace her very own spot on the “Poop Deck”—giving Wayne the joy of not being tasked with early shore duty.

May your days be filled with wonder at the river’s life.

May you enjoy the trip of a lifetime with your best friend.

May God hold you in the palm of His hand as you riotously navigate the transitional changes in time, tempo and beat with ease!

May you always feel the love, prayers and good wishes that we all send your way everyday.

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