Tuesday, May 19, 2009

At home on land!

Well, we've been home now for about 7 months...and we're still adjusting. Wayne and I are both still craving the adventure and change we had daily on the trip, but we're trying to make up for it with new ventures on land.

I'm working part time at a local community college library...and working on my art. From January to May of this year I took a drawing class at Pellissippi State Community College and loved it.

Wayne is starting a new web-based business called Cruiser Marine (http://www.cruisermarine.com). Since Wayne takes care of most of our boat maintenance and repair, he's interested in finding the best products at the best prices. He has gathered quite a few already and will be adding more as time goes on. Check out the site next time you need a boating product and see if "Stretch A Buck Wayne" can serve up a deal!

Lucy has had the hardest transition from cruising life to life on land. She was with us 24/7 on the boat...most evenings finding us with willing laps for her rest. Now we're busier and gone often in the day.

We all enjoy going down to the boat and spending time, so that's what we try to do often. 'Til we see you on the waters again....safe travels!